If you would like to carry our i4ulenses in your store,contact us for wholesale prices. We can also hot stamp your business logo on the hard case or on the pouch.


After 15 years, i4uLenses the first and the best compact reading glasses with a unique adjusting bridge is been rebranded as


and a new website with updates for the product is under construction.



These are the compact reading glasses that changed Dr. Oz life.
He loves the i4ulenses and uses them daily:

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Did you Forget your Reading Glasses again?

Well we have a solution for you!

These high quality optic compact reading glasses are made in the USA under Patents 6,773,106 and 6,371,614

Emergency reading glasses that are the size of a credit card, making them handy, convenient and easy to use. You'll never have to go without reading glasses again. Keep them in your wallet, car, briefcase, purse, cell phone, they are so small that they can fit most anywhere. They now have a very sturdy a hard case.


You can use velcro to keep the hard case handy on your car, boat, airplane or you can use double tape to keep the hard case on your phone.

These ultralight reading glasses are adjustable to fit virtually anybody that can use nose-pinch lenses and are break and shatter proof guaranteed. If they fail within a year, we will replace them!

See i4ulenses at the end of this "Packing Light" video

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Woman wearing i4ulenses Man wearing i4ulenses

   i4uLenses are:

  * Compact
  * Adjustable
  * Fits in your wallet like a
    credit card
  * Pinch nose type lenses
  * Attachable to your cell
  * One size fits both men and
  * Strong, Durable and
  * Four different diopters:

       1.5    Mild
      2.0    Medium
2.5    Strong
      3.0    Stronger

Great in emergency situations and come in a hard case.

And they have a price of only

The product of four years of rigorous research and development, i4uLenses are a necessity for anyone who has ever misplaced or forgotten their reading glasses, convenient in so many situations:

  • Reading a menu, a telephone directory, map, chart or a book
  • While golfing, camping, hiking, fly fishing, bicycling
  • Reading under the hair dryer in a beauty salon
  • Reading the fine print in important documents
  • While traveling in your motor home, boat, airplane, motorcycle
  • While doing close work -- hobbies, quilting, sewing, crochet
  • While wearing a helmet or a headset
  • Dialing cell or regular phones
  • Reading the "fine print" in documents, packages
  • And especially, when forgetting your bulky standard reading glasses!

New: you can order the Compact Hard Plastic Case

Using Velcro or dual tape, keep your i4uLenses handy in you car dashboard or cell phone.

Available Now ! New Product
High Power Magnifiers
in a Compact Hard Plastic Case

These 5.8 .Diopter i4uLENSES are ideal for very close work: have you ever tried to pull out a small splinter from your hand?

High Power Magnifier High Power Magnifier High Power Magnifier



i4ulenses are 100% USA made



If you would like to carry our i4ulenses in your store,contact us for wholesale prices. We can also hot stamp your business logo on the hard case.

These ready-to-wear non-prescription compact lenses are not designed to replace corrective lenses. Periodic check-ups with an optometrist or ophthalmologist will ensure your vision health.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not wear while operating machinery.

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