Adjustment Instructions

i4ULENSES are designed as reading glasses for close work and short distance vision, therefore, placing them low on your nose lets you use the lenses for close vision and by looking straight, you by pass the lenses for normal vision.

Shows the lenses on the lower part of the nose

Shows the lenses on the upper part of the nose


These compact adjustable credit card size reading glasses have an adjustable nose bridge joining the two lenses, making them comfortable and convenient.

Adjustment of the lenses is easy: The nose bridge can be spread or contracted for a comfortable, secure fit for anybody that can wear pinch-nose type glasses.


If the lenses are too tight on your nose, increase the opening between the lenses by moving the lenses outward.













If the lenses are too loose on your nose, decrease the opening by moving the lenses inward.






Do not be afraid to open or close the lenses around the bridge: we test the open/close cycle thousand of times! Just be careful to follow the above instructions for increasing the opening without creating weak points in the bridge.

Our i4ulenses are guaranteed against breakage for one year!

Keep the glasses in the included pouch, they stay clean and protected: don't forget to adjust them after you pull them out of the pouch!