These are the compact reading glasses that changed Dr. Oz life.
He loves the i4ulenses and uses them daily:

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Did you Forget your Reading Glasses again?

Well we have a solution for you!

These high quality optic compact reading glasses are made in the USA under Patents 6,773,106 and 6,371,614

Emergency reading glasses that are the size of a credit card, making them handy, convenient and easy to use. You'll never have to go without reading glasses again. Keep them in your wallet, car, briefcase, purse, cell phone, they are so small that they can fit most anywhere. They now have a very sturdy pouch and optionally, there is a hard case.

These ultralight reading glasses are adjustable to fit virtually anybody that can use nose-pinch lenses and are break and shatter proof guaranteed.


We have now an exclusive world wide distributor for our i4ulenses.

They will be sold under the SlimLens brand by 



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