Here are some "Real" testimonials sent from our customers:

I've tried many, many different portable reading glasses. This is easily the most convenient, the most fun, gets the best comments, and is ingenious.
Mike, Newton, MA

I've used i4ulenses for a number of years and have been very satisfied with both your product and service. The ordering process on your web-site wouldn't allow me to combine the orders so I appreciate your doing so. Many thanks, again !!!
Ray, Murray, UT
Wow, thank you very much! They'll make great stocking-stuffers. My dad always forgets to take his glasses to restaurants, so something in his wallet would be fantastic. And me and my siblings/inlaws are finally becoming presbyopic -- I hope the 2.0 diopter is a good choice. If not, they're inexpensive enough that I can just order more!
Ken, Amherst, NH

Here is a nice photo of one of your most loyal customers [me] wearing my lenses while with one of my sons at a wedding.

David S., Chicago, IL.

Great Glasses for all ages. Still wanting to be young but my eyes keep telling me no. Getting harder sometimes when reading but cannot seem to grasp the normal reading glasses concept. (To big, cannot see other things because they are stuck on my face when not trying to read and biggest thing can’t find them when I need them the most) Thanks to i4uLenses all is good and I figured out how to attach them to my cell phone so I will always have them (if you are like me my cell phone is always with me.)LOL….I hope you enjoy the pictures that my son took of me. “His statement, Dad I guess you do not have to look old with reading glasses”

Robbie, Howe, TX

I want to say thanks for your business. It is my third order: I give away these glasses to my friends, they are very happy with them. Thanks again !!!
Alex, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you so much, the lenses are incredible. Thanks again. I really appreciate.
Julio, Elmhurst, IL
These are just superb! I use these instead of regular OTC reading glasses as my normal reading glasses. After cataract lens replacement surgery, my distance eyesight was adjusted by the implanted lenses to 20/20. At age 60, that meant I would need reading glasses for all close in work. (This was my deliberate choice since I'd been extremely nearsighted since a child.) I soon found out that 1.50 was what I needed to see a desktop computer screen, 2.00 to read a newspaper or magazine, 2.50 to read my cell-phone, and the high-power lenses for fine finishing woodworking, or reading the nearly microscopic instructions that many products now come with. SInce I use them regularly and switch from one strength to another frequently, the lenses get dropped to the ground, put on a rough surface, may be placed on sandpaper when I'm in my worksop, and so on. These are much easier to replace than going to one of the chain drug stores and buying their regular reading glasses. In addition, when I'm outside in bright sunlight, I wear U.S. Army Ballistic sunglasses which wrap around my face. I don't want to take those off if I am using a lawn mower or snow-blower, but if I have to read some instructions on such equipment, I can simply place the i4ULenses in front of the sunglasses without having to take the protective sunglasses off! These are just outstanding to have. These are just outstanding to have.
C. Charles, Minneapolis, MN
I love these things. I wore them at Philmont scout camp for two weeks backpacking in the Sangre de Cristo mountains and they were definitely my favorite gadget.
John, Bellaire, TX
Thanks for your response, I just came in from the mail box and the order has arrived. I was going to email you when I saw yours. I appreciate your concern and responses. I already have recommended your product to many of my friends. I have had these glasses for several years and do like them very much, Whenever anyone sees me using them I get questions where I got them.
Richard, Davies, FL
I've been using these lenses for many years and actually can't live without them (last order #12525 (3-1-12). every once in a while, I forget to take the lense/case with me as I did last night at a restaurant because they are clear and blend in with the tablecloth and so for the future, I think I will colorize the case to make it more observable.
Edmund, Sturbrifge, MA
I use these instead of my over the ears (OTC) reading glasses. I had cataract lenses surgery a few years ago and now my distance vision is 20/20. But close vision detail inside of about 18 inches was gone. I was wearing reading glasses attached via a strap so I could drop them down to my chest when not using them. But going down stairs was dangerous as the readers would move forward and into my field of vision. The resulting two different focal lengths (my 20/20 distance vision and the 2.00 reading glasses bobbing up and down have nearly made me fall down the stairs dozens of times. The same thing would happen if I had my reading glasses on (or hanging down) while using a ladder or step-stool. These eliminate the problem! Even if I do have them on while using stairs or a ladder, I can easily look over them and just used my surgically assisted 20/20 distance vision. The field of view of the i4ULenses I can ignore and traverse the steps or ladder safely.
C, Charles, Minneapolis, MN
I have kept my i4ulenses in my wallet for 2 years. Countless times they have enabled me to read a menu or my smart phone. Thanks for inventing and marketing this clever product.

Tony, Gainesville, FL

I learned about i4ulenses on Dr. Oz and I'm purchasing them as gifts for family members, a few for my husband who has me read menus and labels to him frequently because he doesn't have his reading glasses with will be perfect that he can keep them in his wallet.
Heather, Berkeley, CA
I scoured the internet for these- I use them as I am having my hair done so I can read a magazine, etc. - or at other times when I cannot use my regular readers - Thank you - I hope you do well, and I look forward to receiving them. Thank you.
Dec., 2012
I was sent the URL for your website by my girlfriend whose husband keeps your company's lens in his wallet for reading menus and such. Last week my boyfriend and I went to dinner with them and when my boyfriend saw the lens, he exclaimed that it would solve all his problems if he had the same size/simple solution that could be toted in his wallet. ;-)
Claire, Valencia, Ca
Nov. 2012
Received the package last Friday 14th to north west Ireland Great service and product.
Slàn go foill

Kevan, Ireland
Sept., 2012
I love them. Thank you. Good luck to you. I wrapped some very thin decorative "nail tape" around the bridge because they absolutely disappear when put down. Oh, a packaging suggestion. Most people don't read. A check and X above the pictures will keep them from looking like two options.
KT, Cutchogue, NY
August 2012
Hey Pat,
I got the other glasses just as you said. Here's something I would love to have you ad to your website if you like.
I buy items on line regularly. Without a doubt, this company delivers the best and most personable service I have ever encountered. Buy from them with confidence.
Hope that is something you can use, Pat. I will be a loyal customer from this point forward.

Jim, Rochester, NY
Aug, 2012
They came yesterday afternoon and I love them! Gave my sisters one and we went out to lunch today and received many second looks and a lot of “where did you get those”! I was glad to tell everyone that ask. Thanks you!
Linda, Weatherford, TX
Aug, 2012
I just received them and they are GREAT. Also, I passed my 2.0 readers around at my 30th high school reunion, they were a big hit and I emailed your website to the participants. Cheers
Jim, New york, NY
July, 2012
I ordered two lenses from you 9/1/07 - Order No. 2455; 2 pair 1.5 reading glasses. Wonderful product, I have carried a pair in my wallet since then. I broke the second pair today. I need to restock. I am tempted by your order 3 get 4 offer, but my two pair lasted almost five years. In another five years I will probably have to go up in strength. I will buy 2 more 1.5 diopter reading glasses.
T.J., Santa Fe, NM
May, 2012
I'll advertise for you by giving and showing to friends. Neat little product. Work as advertised. Gonna put Velcro dots on a couple cases and mount one in each car and one on my plane. Will also mention in my outdoor column for use by campers, hunters, an fisherman. Thanks!

Tony, Anchorage, AK
May, 2012
Thank you so much! I can't wait to surprise my husband with these--he hates to carry reading glasses, and I'm hoping he will love using these and will surprise our friends by actually being able to read a menu!
Linda, Nashville, TN
April, 2012
I received my lenses, I LOVE them and have shared your link with many
friends. Did you see a great increase in sales from the Dr Oz show?

Amie, New York, NY
April, 2012
Please accept my apology for jumping the gun but I became panicked when I didnt hear a word from you guys... .my order arrived yesterday and I hopefully have cleared it all off with PayPal..... I love the lenses and appreciate your quick reply and wonderful way you took care of me... thanks again and again and again I am so sorry.
Note: On April 2012 our i4ulenses were presentd in the Dr. Oz Tv Show. In one day we got over 600 orders!

Bill, Bradenton, FL
April, 2012
Thanks for shipping the lenses so fast! I discovered your lenses several months ago while preparing for my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Thanks to their compact size and very light weight, they have been a joy to use on the trail (that's right - I'm actually out here one month into my thru-hike right now). I was carrying 2 lenses with be, but unfortunately I broke one of them. It's good to have one backup with me, but I definitely wanted to make sure I have several more around while completing my hike. They are great for reading the trail guide and maps, and for helping me read and write emails on this incredibly small screen of my iPhone! By the way, everyone who sees me using the i4uLenses (that is, hikers on the trail and people in the towns) absolutely loves them and asks me where to get them! Thanks again for your very practical and useful product.
Mike, South Williamsport, PA
April, 2012
I've been researching hiking the Appalachian Trail and I saw a recommendation on an ultralight backpacking site. My husband always forgets to bring his reading glasses and then I have to read the menu or whatever else to him so I'm going to put these in his truck and my car. Thanks for this neat product; I know they will really come in handy.
Margo, Fayetteville, GA
March, 2012
I was watching a video on Glen does a video where he goes over the equipment he carries in his backpack. Glen has a pair of your i4ulenses.I have been searching for a light weight pair of reading lenses that I can take backpacking. What a great idea not only for backpacking but for my wallet as well.
Mart, Nampa, ID
March, 2012
I purchased a pair of your lenses from a bookstore last year- loved them then lost them. Then I googled emergency reading glasses to get to your website. I have showed your lenses to a number of people before I lost them & everyone that I showed them to thought that they were a great idea. Thanks again
Michael, Oakland, CA
Jan, 2012
Pat, I just bumped into you on the internet. I am a police officer and I am constantly loosing or breaking my specks on the job. I need an emergency backup pair and yours looked great. I will show them to some of the other old farts at work. Hope they are as good as they appear and I hope I can help your business too.
Blessed and Favored,

James, TX
Dec., 2012

My friend John had his i4ulenses with him after we did a 14nm sea kayak from Mission Bay to Point Loma and back (San Diego, CA) paddle this weekend. They make sense to have in your emergency kit and take up much less space than a regular pair of readers. Great product!

Debra, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Feb., 2012

I took a pair of your lenses backpacking for five weeks on the John Muir Trail—about 250 miles from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, plus side trips. They're super lightweight and great for reading maps on the trail and for reading books on my Nook in camp. I attached a photo of me wearing them to read a map at Muir Pass.

Lon, Kensington, CA
Sept., 2011

I was traveling in China a couple of weeks ago and lost my glasses. I am fifty and suddenly, I couldn't read my phone, see the map etc. First time that has happened and I felt pretty helpless since we were way off the grid and getting a new pair took a couple of days etc. A friend from Australia pulled his out of his wallet (your product). It was great. I will stash them everywhere now and hand them out to friends like party favors.
Richard, Seattle, WA
Oct., 2011

Hi, I received my lenses today. I am impressed. I love their size and the fact that there are no earpieces for me to break off when I sit on them. I can't count how many pair I've broken. I also like that I can lay down and read without the glasses slipping or falling off and again, no earpiece to dig into the side of my head. Thanks. I wish I would have heard about them sooner.

Rick, La Quinta, CA
Sept., 2011

I learned about your lenses from a colleague, Craig who whipped them out at a social hour a few weeks back so he could read the menu. I gave them a try and really liked the idea. He sent me the web link. It's funny, he resisted wearing reading glasses forever and he would often borrow mine. We're engineers and geologists so they appealed to us naturally. We'd be in countless meetings looking at computer tables and maps and we'd always need them as we're at that age where we need 'em. I've have had to carry 1.25 or 1.5 readers for the last 7-8 years and what a pain. I have a lot of pairs -- I get them at Sam's club in 4 packs for $19. I have a couple of pairs at work, 1 in the car, several at home, 1 in my backpack, you get the idea. Being able to have a pair in my wallet will be awesome. I can' t tell you how many times that I've been out for dinner with my wife and family and I forget to bring a pair of readers and I can't read the menu. Low light in restaurants doesn't help. Cell phones, TV remotes, plugs on cameras and computers. The list goes on and on. What a pain not being able to read is! Reading used to be such a pleasure for me and now I read much less because of the hassle between the reading glasses and the need for bright light. I wish I could have my young eyes back but I digress. My eye doctor suggests going to 1.5s and I'm ordering the 2.0s so I will be ready. The magnifiers will be good because I'm starting to have trouble reading the labels on OTC medicines and Rx's. They will help with any kind of close work. Of course, I read through your website and was impressed by the grass roots engineering and development effort that you put into the bringing the lenses to market. I am looking forward to receiving the lenses! Thanks, Bill Robertson
Bill, Mickleton, NJ
Sept., 2011
I bought my first pair a long time ago from a website I can't remember. I found out about them by doing an internet search for "reading glasses made in USA". Actually, I think these were 1 of only two types I could find. A guy working for Bass Pro Shop noticed them today when I needed them for something there and he asked where I got them. I scratched these up pretty bad and wanted some new ones anyway so I searched for them based on the i4U stamped into my old pair. I'm actually picking up the 2.5's for the guy at Bass Pro shops; he too thought they were pretty cool. These are very handy and I use them mostly at restaurants where I tend to forget to bring my glasses. I'm going to try the high mag ones for some things I do at work here.
Patrick, Rockville,MD
Sept., 2011
I’ve already tried out the lenses and I can tell you I’m going to be happy with them. I am definitely looking forward to carrying them as a more convenient and lightweight option to regular reading glasses when I attempt my Appalachian Trail thru-hike next March. Thank you again for your wonderful service. I will most likely be ordering more in the future. Mike
Mike, Williamsport, PA
June 2011
I've been using i4ulenses for the last five years or so. They're great for running, hiking, fishing, boating, going to the beach, or going anywhere you don't want to (or forget to) bring your reading glasses. I recently hiked in Tahoe with three friends. When we returned to the lot where we'd parked our car we found what looked like a ticket on the windshield. We'd thought parking was free there. It wasn't. None of us had reading glasses, but I had my i4ulenses and saw that it wasn't a ticket, but a notice to drop a $6 parking fee in a drop-box. If we didn't, a traffic ticket would be issued. If I hadn't read the notice, we'd have driven off and had to pay a ticket, which would have cost considerably more than six bucks. Now my three friends also pack i4ulenses. I also keep a pair in my wallet, and more than once they've come in handy reading labels in the supermarket when I've forgotten my reading glasses.
Jeff, Pacific Grove, CA
Sept. 2011
I walked 221 miles on the Paciific Crest Trail with you lenses. Here's a picture of them in use. They were a life saver especially when I had my contacts out at night in the tent. I planned each days trip with your lenses. Next time I'll get the Compact Hard Plastic Cases. By the end of the trip I couldn't read from them because the dirt and made them too cloudy to see through. They worked welll enough till the end. Next time I'll protect them better. See you on the trail.
Dana, San Diego, CA
Aug. 2011
I live in Greeneville, TN and recently made an acquaintance who was wearing your glasses on his EAR. Since they are clear and not very visible, I did not even see them until after we had drinks. Then he took them off and read the menu at the restaurant. I was fascinated at how small they were. I had seen vintage specs like this but not this small. I was wearing glasses at the time and did not need reading glasses. I recently switched to contacts and boy how I need them now. So, I called my friend and he told me the name of them. I looked them up on the web and that's my story. I'm excited to get them and try them out. I got so many pair, so I can put them everywhere. Looking forward to using them. Best regards,
Ron, Greenville, TN
Aug. 2011
I bought a pair several years ago after searching on the web. I simply glanced at your plastic "case" that has your brand name on it and quickly found your name to do a reorder. Smart marketing. After 4 years of living in my wallet and being sat on, the nosepiece finally broke. I was glad to have originally found you a few years ago, as I had been previously buying another brand - I forget the name, but they had a brittle blue plastic nosepiece. Broke very quickly. Yours lasts MUCH longer in my wallet - years versus a couple of months. As such, I am a customer that you will have for a long time - the other guys will never see me again due to inferior design/quality. BTW, these make EXCELLENT gifts for my friends. They ALL "have a cow" when I pull these out at a restaurant. Oh yeah, I am also the guy that carries a wallet pen as well. That is something that you folks could also sell on your site - people that are "prepared" by buying your glasses would likely be interested in always having a spare ink pen in their wallet as well. Takes up no room, clips on and occupies unused space in the fold of the wallet. Thanks for an excellent product. I am jealous - wish that was my company. A consumable product (but not TOO consumable - good lifespan) that the biggest population bubble needs and would greatly appreciate. So many ways to market to baby boomers. Daryl Swiss
Daryl, Clover, SC
July 2011
My daughter (age 11) was watching a video on light weight hiking on the Gossamer Gear website. The presenter showed the glasses and the video showed your web site at the bottom. They were represented as extremely light weight. But I am more interested in them for being small and less likely to break. I had eye surgery a few years ago to correct horrible nearsightedness. All I ever wanted to do was be able to see in the morning without my glasses, and play sports without glasses. Medicine gave me that gift at the expense of seeing up close. I am constantly without specs, especially when fishing. I need them just long enough to tie on a fly, or light the stove. I thought they might be handy in the car too. If they really fit in my wallet and don’t break when sat on, that would be a treat, but we'll have to see about that. I am hoping that they turn out to be one of those silly little things that you can't live without. If so you can count on my wife and I buying more for Christmas gifts. We are constantly trying to find things for friends and family that they need, and don't already own. These might make a fun gift for ski bags, sports bags etc. We'll find a way to make a fun joke about the pains of aging.
Wray, Westminster,CO
July 2011
You should be happy to hear that , for years, I've been directing everyone who comments favorably on my specs ,to your website.
Al, Plainville,CT
June 2011
By the way, you saved my nighttime reading. I had a cataract operation, which took away my up-close, clear vision. At night I always read before I go to bed, generally laying on my side. Having reading glasses with "arms" didn't work because the pillow made them go off kilter. Your glasses allow me to lay my head on the pillow and read like I did before the operation. I thank you! Marianne
Marianne, Salinas, CA
June 2011
Learnt of i4ulenses from my wife's uncle who swears by it and has ordered many lenses in the past. I think it is a phenomenal product!!
Abhiram, Mumbai, India
June 2011
Pat , Actually , I was at a restaurant and trying to read the menu and a friend I was with pulled a pair out of his wallet . Great idea as I am in the situation often and this will be a great remedy and I will always have it handy . The hard case will be great for my wife as she can just drop it in her purse . Thanks
Pat, San Diego, CA
March 2011
Great product, I've got a bunch of 'em- in the house, in the car, at work, in my wallet, on my bicycle, etc. Regards,

Robert, Bristol, TN
February 2011

I don’t think you really need any more testimonial’s, the product is the testimonial. Whenever I used them, the reaction is “where did you get this, I would love them” and there goes mine, thus my reorder. Thanks again for the invention.

Marc, Fort Lee, NJ
February 2011

After I turned 50, I noticed that small print in dim light (like menus in a nice restaurant) became difficult to read. I was at dinner one night with a friend who pulled out his i4ulenses from his front pants pocket....the next day, I went online and purchased 2 pair. Then my most recent large order is because all of my friends love them when I whip them out. What great gifts they make.
Because I don't carry a big purse most of the time, they are perfect to slide in my wallet, small purse, in a slot with my smart phone, or in the pocket of my jeans!
I () i4ulenses !

Pam, Fort Worth, TX
February 2011

I wonder if I've been able to get you any business because I can't tell you how many times I pull my lenses out of my wallet and put them on and people say "WHERE did you get those?" and I give them your web address because it's easy to remember.
I’ve used i4ulenses for years and I love them because I am never without the ability to read anything from menus to small price tags in the stores without ever having to carry reading glasses. And I appreciate my i4ulenses the most on cruises because on a cruise ship I don’t even carry my wallet. But I never leave the cabin, day or night, without my i4ulenses. They’re so small and light I don’t even know they are in my pocket until I need them to read a menu or get a closer look at the jewelry or watches in the shops and then I’m always thankful for them.

Scott, Dublin, CA
December 2010

i4ulenses are especially useful when doing carpentry or mechanical work. Just like a pencil the i4ulenses will stay snugly tucked behind my ear so that I can crawl around underneath a house or car and have my glasses immediately available without worrying about them breaking or falling out of my pocket. They are also great when you want to read fine print in sunlight without having to remove your sunglasses. Just place them on the tip of your nose outside of you sunglasses.
Also, I have purchased from the few competitors out there who sell similar products and they don’t come close to i4ulenses with regards to convenience, quality, innovative design, OR price!
I keep one in my front shirt pocket and one in my wallet in case I lose the one in my shirt pocket. Easy to use and much more convenient than reading glasses. Actually, the only time I prefer reading glasses is when I am working with large nautical charts. For books, magazines, palm reader, smart phone, I use i4ulenses. Thank you very much. I love these things.

Julio P., Houston, TX
November 2010
Through a google search for "pince nez" style reading glasses...I had another brand similar and a little bit larger that fit in my check book but they were getting scratched from use and then they disappeared one day. In attempting to replace them I came across your site. The glasses work well, are handy and affordable enough so that I bought several, gave a few away and have one in my pocket, one in my check book and one by my computer just in case.
Thanks they work well!!!
Rick, Alpena, MI
October 2010
I found a pair of i4ulenses in some store a while back. They were outrageously priced there but I bought them anyway. They turned out to be invaluable as they fit nicely in my wallet and I was never without a pair.....that is until I misplaced them. I could never find them in any store again but luckily I had the plastic case they came in with the i4ulenses logo on it and I found you online and at a fantastic price! Since then you have replaced the wire spring with a plastic one which works much better, molded-in and all. Now they are back in my wallet, briefcase, car console, backpack and the wife’s purse. I use them all the time as I never remember to bring my reading glasses with me.

It's nice for a change to get a great product at a great price! Thanks again !!
Kevin, Santa Fe, NM
October 2010
Thank you, LOVE these things!!!!
Edmund, North Providence, RI
July 2010
Several months back I searched on the web and found your products. I purchased a couple and now these are for some friends. Everyone who sees them on me loves the convenience especially to read text messages from the cell phones, which is the main reason I got them.
Have a great day.
Armando, South Miami, FL

I get a lot of compliments.They are always a show stopper, and useful too. I can see with them, just pop them out of my pocket and on my nose, and everything comes into focus. Thanks again for offering such a great product.

Jay, Denver, CO

Greetings i4uLenses crew, U rock.
I'm a 48 year old avid fly fisherman, and your pince nez lenses are PERFECT for that pastime. I have a small rubber band stretched across the brim of my cap, and a pair of your i4u's tied to a piece of fishline and then to the cap. Fishline is light enough to NOT tug the lenses off my nose, yet strong enough that if they ever fall off, they WON'T disappear into the river. It's the perfect tool in the perfect combination for the perfect hobby. A VERY satisfied customer.
Mark, North Aurora, Il
A couple years ago I googled Pince Nez glasses and found them on line. Yours were the cheapest. I have purchased probably 15- 20 pairs over the last few years and haven given them out to friends after they see me using them. I call them my “wine list and menu glasses” since I keep them in my wallet. The only problem is the plastic case eventually scratches the lenses with the in and out of the case and you have to use a new pair. I use them all the time and people think they are great.
Zac, Toledo, OH
I have been using these lenses for a few years and I must say they are GREAT. I found them browsing the web for "reading glasses".
I have ordered a bunch but most of them are gifts for my pals and family who love them and don't know how to buy them. I always have a pair in my wallet. The best thing is the reaction I get from my "presbyopic" friends who are fascinated by their simplicity and portability. Obviously they are not for long term reading or working, but in a pinch they are unsurpassed in my opinion..!!
George, Miami, FL
WE love your lenses and it is time to reorder! Could you please send me 4 more in the 2.00 diopter. Thanks so much! They are a lifesaver!!
Mike, San Antonio, TX

I bought my very first pair of i4ULenses to use as a convenience when travelling via motorcycle, I now have one less thing to remember to bring along or carry. They have since proven to be the single most useful item that I have ever owned. I never have a problem when I need to read a menu in a restaurant anymore and have come to rely on the i4ULenses more than my regular readers. Great Product in every regard. Well engineered and well made.
Jeff , VA

Awesome, thanks Pat. A friend (Mike) who bought a few pairs from the i4ulenses site, pulled a pair out of his wallet and put them on. I thought that is perfect because I don't want to carry around bulky reading glasses just to read a menu. These are perfect because I can keep a pair with me all the time without any bulkyness. Anyway Mike guided me to your web site so I could get some to.
Joe W., Riverton, UT

I have used i4ulenses reading glasses for many years. They are an essential convenience. There are many things that my eyes just cannot read without magnification. A pair of i4ulenses are always in my wallet, so I am never without reading glasses. Folks who would like to get these glasses are stopping me all the time. Even people who do not wear glasses like the way the i4ulenses look.
I was just reading a menu and someone snapped a pic.

Michael, Palm Springs, CA

A friend gave me a set. I find these i4ulenses perfect for a back up pair of readers, that can be kept in my wallet.
Chris, Los Alamos, NM

I am very happy with the i4ulenses! They've freed me from having to remember to bring the *&^%$&# reading glasses everywhere. If I really have to read some fine print, I just pull them out of my wallet, or off of my key chain. I do get some strange looks, and comments too, but I have a feeling that older people are impressed with the lenses, and younger people by my ability to be unperturbed about wearing something so radically ... unusual? uncool looking? (I'm probably only aware of this uncoolness factor because I have a teenager.) They are a great product. I did put a small scratch in one pair, but after 6 months or so, they are doing better than any pair of readers I own. And as inexpensive as they are, it is no big deal to keep a spare pair in the drawer. (My work has been eating my life recently, but I've vowed to spend more time in the mountains in 2010, so get back to me again in about 6 months and I'll let you know how they work for winter camping/skiing/climbing.)
A satisfied customer

Bruce B, Grand Junction, CO

Like so many of us, it seems that I just woke up one day and could no longer read the fine print on a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. No worries, I thought, I'm sure there's something that I can just stick in my wallet to help me out. Maybe a magnifying glass shaped like a credit card. Or a tiny monocle that I could slip in there. I even went so far as to think about wearing a pair of pince nez on a cord around my neck so I'd always have them with me. I tried all three of these solutions at one point or another, but found them all lacking. The credit card sized magnifying glass was too awkward. The monocle was expensive, thick and got scratched. The pince nez on a cord worked great, but made me look like a prissy librarian. At over six feet tall and with a deep, booming voice, that just wouldn't do. So I put my children onto the problem. I told them that their Christmas gift to me would be the effort they would expend scouring the Internet for a better solution. Your lenses showed up under my tree about five years ago. My teenage children were tickled when I unwrapped them and literally jumped up out of my chair. "I knew somebody would figure this out!" I exclaimed. And so you have. I keep extra pairs in my briefcase and in my glove box. When someone I'm dining with sees them and tries them ("Remember, push them out away from the bridge of your nose") I grab a new pair from my briefcase or my car and give them as a small token. I have given away pairs to business associates over dinners in London, Singapore, and Sydney. All were delighted and have become loyal customers. Keep up the good work and God bless.
Drew, Portola Valley, CA

I am delighted with my new i4ulenses. I put a pair in the pocket of my Kindle cover, and I'm good to go!
Diane, Baltimore, MD

I happened on your company's product by accident. Was reviewing one of several hiking gear list on the Gossamer Gear web site (Glen's Gear List - "Piute Pass...") and happened to notice i4ulenses reading glasses weighting a mere 0.2 oz. Thought they would be ideal (small, light, no moving parts to break, and sturdy) to carry as a backup backpacking, keep in the car glove box, etc. Assembling my kit for next spring, summer, and fall in the Cascades. Best wishes.
John, Seattle, WA

There was a discussion of i4ulenses on a forum at regarding an ultralight alternative to conventional reading glasses. I've used i4ulenses since 2007, pretty much as regular reading glasses. I had a special lasic combination done that makes my shooting eye 20-20 and my other eye capable of focussing reasonably close. For reading I have to shift attention to the reading (left) eye unless I'm wearing glasses with no correction on the left and 2.0 on the right. I've used them since 2003. They are about the lightest, most compact and durable reading glasses anywhere. I attach a string and an alligator clip and just let them dangle when not in use.Thanks for a good product!
Vick, Austin, TX

This is about the third time I have ordered i4ulenses. I bought enough last time to last awhile. Now my husband lost his hard case so we are down to 1 pair. He really likes the hard case so now we will have enough as long as he doesn't lose them. My brother-in-law told us about i4ulenses about 5 years ago. They work just great for him. Sincerely,
Carole, Lake Ariel, PA

We had similar lenses from ........ ...... and they stop making them. The bridge was metal and it kept breaking. So I just did a search on Yahoo and I came across your website. And I had placed an order about 2 years ago. And now my husband requested that I order more. Many people have asked us where we got these lenses and we have emailed the link to your website.
Liana, Pompano Beach, FL

I am a court reporter and took the deposition of a gentleman that had a pair. All attorneys and everyone in the room wanted to know where he had gotten them because we all wanted to purchase a pair. He couldn’t remember where he had gotten them so during the break I found the name of your business on the hard case and passed it along to the other attorneys. Anyway, I came home and googled your name and found you that way. Best of luck to you and I wish you the best.
B.T., Carencro, LA

I learned about your product through a satisfied customer. After having a minor face lift, the ear pieces of my own reading glasses were aggravating the temporal stitches. The i4ulenses were a perfect solution.
Kate, Ontario, CA

Have used the i4ulenses on a few flights. Couple of thoughts: Lenses work very well with a headset on – very convenient to put on and take off, and they cover exactly the area of vision that I need to be able to read a chart, checklist, etc. Only minor complaint is that they pinch my nose just enough to feel a little restriction in nasal breathing – this may be in part due to it being allergy season. Not a big deal by any stretch, but just an observation (I don’t think that they’re too tight since they’re not pinching and are actually quite comfortable). Thing I haven’t figured out yet is where to put them when I’m not wearing them – I want them to be readily accessible and secure. Velcroing the hard case onto the panel seems like it might be ok, but I am hoping to avoid the extra step of opening a case or having to slip them in to something when I put them down. I was contemplating a lanyard to have them hang around my neck – will let you know how I end up. Thanks again for making a nice, innovative product.
Yannis, Hinsdale, IL

I googled for disposable pince nez I think. I bought some a year or two ago and loved them. It's a great product. I wear contacts and need readers in the supermarket, grocery store, restaurant menus, maps while driving and the like. It's great to have them in my jeans pocket ever ready when needed and not be bothered wth glasses. Otherwise, what's the point of wearing contacts?
Todd, Rescue, CA

I saw a man using them in a restaurant and was blown away. I have been looking for pince nez for ages...any chance you will make them larger and with a neck string attached?
Lora, Arvada, CO

Given your info to several folks who really liked them. They've saved me several times in stores for reading labels and resturants in dim light. Love the product.
Ray, Stratford, T

Hello, I've been using the i4ulenses for about 3 weeks now, and am extremely happy with them. I tried to carry them in my wallet using the hard case, but the case is a bit too thick to be carried in the wallet. I drilled a small hole in the case (where the lenses weren't - obviously), threaded a small cord through, and put them on my keychain. Sorry I don't have a picture for you - I'm currently in between cameras... It works well, and is so convenient. Also I carry the lenses in my wallet using the pouch. Overall, I couldn't be happier with their size and convenience. I can go to restaurants and read the finest print menus, or read the finest print maps when in the mountains, and all without worrying about keeping track of a pair of bulky reading glasses. Thank you very much.
Bruce B, Grand Junction CO

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your i4ulenses, your service and your company. Your products are not only unique, but extremely functional and durable as well. I have ordered many i4ulenses on several occasions, not because they broke but because I gave them to friends and family members who threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't! And the hard plastic cases do a great job of protecting them in my pockets, camera bags, briefcase, glove compartment, fanny pack, etc. The service your company provides is amazing. I placed my last order online late Sunday night and at 10 AM the next morning I received an email telling me that it had already been shipped!
Good product, good price, good service, good communication - I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for continuing to demonstrate how companies such as yours continue to go out of their way to satisfy their customers.

Bob, Phillips Ranch, CA

I think this might be my 3rd order for pairs. I need reading glasses and I wear i4ulenses while doing motorcycle events. I do grand tour events, one this year is to go to as many towns that end with "ville" that you can. There are about 200 riders doing this season long event.
I use the i4ulenses so that I do not have to take my helmet off to put on glasses to see. Also if I have to read any printed data, or can't read my GPS screen clearly I can snap them on my nose, see what I need, and then re-store them in a custom pouch I had sewn on the side of my tank bag. A great "gadget."
Mark Tuttle in Rider Magazine talked about them a few years ago in his editorial column of each month. The last pair I broke the nose piece when I pushed to hard on them to put them back in the pouch.

John F, Cincinnati, OH

I do a lot of outdoor activities, backpacking, fishing, target shooting, etc, so I was looking for a pair of unbreakable reading glasses. I’ve broken many pairs of reading glasses while out in the woods. I was web surfing(Yahoo) and came across your product. An ultralite backpacking site gave the i4ulenses a rave review, so I jumped on them. My order arrived today and I tried them on asap. Needless to say they exceeded my expectations. They will be perfect to carry in my pocket to use while reading my map and GPS while hiking. I am an engineer by trade so I look for innovative well designed practical gear for outdoor use. Your product fills that bill perfectly. I am overjoyed with your product and very impressed with your customer service.
David, Rio Rancho, NM

We went to lunch yesterday and the guy who paid the bill whipped out a pair of i4ulenses. We all said, I want a pair of those! He gave us the web site address and we ordered 8 pairs.
Art, Elko, NV

I have been wearing Eyes For You lenses for several years now. I have purchased quite a few pairs, and keep them in my shirt pocket, my wallet, on my desk at both my university and at home, and in strategic locations around the house. Friends are always amazed at how light they are and how I can see over them for distance without taking them off. I'm a walking advertisement for these practical and useful reading glasses, and my life and work are made much easier because I have them.
David S , Chicago, IL

I received my order today and everything appears to be in proper condition.
They are easy on and off, sit way down on the end of my nose so I don't have
to remove them too often, and cheap enough so I don't have to worry about them
falling and my stepping on them.
As to the high-power lenses, I've already tried them and they are great. I bought them because I work at a job where I handle lumber all day. I usually get a splinter or two every day, despite gloves. Most of those come out very easily. Sometimes I get a deep splinter that takes a finely pointed pair of tweezers and very good magnification to remove it.
I had one like that today, and it was in my thumb base all day, waiting for me to get home so I could tweeze it out. Your lenses happened to be in the mailbox today so I put them to the test. I was able to do the job all by myself this time. I used to have someone else hold a magnifier over my hand while I tweezed the splinter out. Now I can hold the magnifier on my nose, so to speak, and don't have to rely on someone else to help me get the splinters out of my hands. It seems to me a pair of these ought to be in every First Aid Kit on the market.

Richard, Frisco, TX

I just ordered 10 i4ulenses to give them as presents to my friends (62+ years of age). I live in a community in Boca with 1600 homes. No doubt this will lead to more orders. I got one from a friend from San Diego who orders from you as well.. He gave me a gift..... Used them tonight...loved them!
Richard, Boca Raton, FL

I publish Western RV News & Recreation, where i4ulenses were advertised for a time. When I first looked at the sample you sent, I thought they were silly. Later I had Lasik eye surgery, which corrected my distance vision but made my close vision worse - I knew of this trade-off before I underwent the surgery. After the Lasik I started using the i4ulenses, and soon found them to be indispensable! The hard case made a huge difference for me... now I can keep them in my pocket, instead of a case of full sized readers or clumsy foldable ones. So instead of carrying two pair of glasses, distance and readers, I now only carry i4ulenses.
I recently lost a pair while traveling, so am stocking up on replacements. And the new high power ones are a great idea for general magnification - instead of having to have magnifying glasses everywhere.
I have received many comments on the lenses. Most folks start at silly and
end up at very clever!
Tom O'Connor,Publisher

Western RV News & Recreation

A colleage did an internet search and he shared his recomendation with me. They are terrific.
John, Greenwood Village, CO

My son got the lenses in a gift bag at a movie opening in NYC. I love them. I keep them in my wallet. I always wear them at the beauty parlor because they obviously don't get in the way. Every time I've worn them in a salon I've been asked where they come from.

Jean, Brookfield, CT

I have been a satisfied customer for years. I carry no other eyeglasses, and invariably when I pull these out at a restaurant or meeting, people ask where they can order for themselves.
Albert, Plainville, CT

Excellent product. As a matter of fact not only have I ordered for myself, but I have also ordered for others as well.
Efrainl, FL

Hi Pat. Thanks so much. Sometime ago I got several pairs online. The other night at dinner, I pulled a pair from my wallet to read the menu and was asked about them. I told them I would find how to order. For the first time, I noticed your web site name on an unopened pair. Great product!
Wendell, Washington DC

Love Them! I have given your information to several folks who really liked them. They have saved me several times in stores for reading labels and checking restaurant menus (specially in dim light). Love the product.
Ray, Stratford, CT
Hi pat, I was at a sushi bar last week. There was a guy setting next to me getting ready to pay the bill and I saw him put your glasses on. He explained to me how they work and where he bought them. My wife and I thought that's a great idea, so I asked him for the web address, which was wrong. But he gave me the i4u to work with: it took about 30 min to find you and here I am. The reason I bought so many (9 pairs) is to spread them around the house, work, wife, and co-workers.
Carlos, Simi Valley, CA
I am a seed bead artist and without your magnifying lenses I would probably go blind. I have given away about 6 pairs and recommended your company to Fire Mountain Gems (catalogue beading supply, one of the largest in the world) Your product belongs in that catalogue and web site! I have attached some of my work...I could not deal with those tiny beads without your wonderful product.
To see more of my work goes to  and go to the Gallery of Designs and do a search on LORNA
Most sincerely
Lorna Dwyer-Carfano, Gloucester MA

A few years ago I was passing thru the check out line in a local drug store and noticed the i4ulenses by the cashier..looked interesting so I picked a pair. They have proved to be invaluable. I keep them in my coin purse or wallet, so I never have to say, "Oh I don't have my glasses, I can't read this menu, this bill, etc."
Since I always have my wallet or coin purse I always have the i4ulenses..some of my friends really liked them when they saw them..and it is surprising how many questions I get when I put them on in a public place to read something..seems everyone would like to have them. Thanks,
J. Smalley, CA





Just a quick note/pic to say that your i4ulenses fill the gap, and that I've added them to my short list of essentials that I carry everywhere. Thank you,
O. Schuster, TX

I am from Sweden but currently staying for some weeks in San Diego with my family. We travel quite a lot and a couple of years ago I found your lenses at the Thursday plantation in Australia. I bought 2 pairs at once and since then I have used them nearly every day. As I said , we travel rather much and no matter where we go around the world, when I am wearing my lenses people are always fascinated and asks about them!! And often I say that I should have a stock with me to sell when people ask. Well, now when we are here in the US I expected to find them everywhere but I haven’t seen them in one place and people are as interested here of them. A shop owner wrote down the name of them the other day to see if she could have them in her shop here in Carlsbad SD.
Anyway, I am going to order some new ones while we are here but I also wonder if I could buy a small stock when I am back in Sweden , could you ship it there?
Thank you for a great product.
M. Berkestam
Hi Pat,
Well, sorry I don't have any pictures, but I can tell you I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The first order, my wife grabbed one pair for a gift, and when a friend of mine saw them, he wanted me to order a pair for him. He placed his pair of 2.5 power into the hard case and put them into his wallet with his credit cards. I suspect when his friends see his, there will be more orders coming from the Coeur d Alene Spokane area. The glasses are great, fit right onto the tip of your nose and are great for reading restaurant menus, maps, recipes, and so on. We will be taking ours with us on backpacking trips. I will keep a spare pair in the car. I have alr
eady used the magnifying pair to remove a blister from my finger. Thanks again,
Jim Loy
Hi Pat -I did receive the i4ulenses you sent by air mail. I think that using PayPal could benefit both you and overseas buyers. Great product by the way - most satisfied.
T. Lough, Southport, United Kingdom


I have received my lenses today, and have caused quite a stir among my friends. They all want to know how to get them! They solve my problem of never having any glasses with me when I am out. Menus, newspapers, friends photos, etc. are all now accessible to me. Normal glasses were too bulky to carry around easily.
Bill, St. Marys, Canada

I'm very excited and am a new "reading eye glass wearer" but my husband has been wearing them for almost 2 years now. He is FOREVER losing them, forgetting them, misplacing them. It seems I spend half MY life looking for HIS glasses! LOL
We live rurally in eastern Ontario and like to travel some of the back roads here as we've recently moved from BC so we are continually looking at maps and having a hard time. That's why I ordered so many pairs! We can keep them in the truck, van, office, etc. and always just have them handy. GREAT product!
I also breed rare red and apricot Standard Poodles and bought three pairs of the magnifying ones for things like "pulling porcupine quills" or searching for something imbedded into a paw, etc. I found your glasses on another website when I was looking for luggage. I don't remember the exact site, but it had other great travel ideas and I was fortunate enough to find a few things I thought were fantastic. I will be travelling to India in January as well, so I know that anything that is compact is appreciated.
Thanks again for a super product...can't wait for them to arrive and I'm thrilled to know they are going to be available thru Lee Valley Tools. They have some really terrific products too, so if they are going to be carrying yours, you know they MUST be a quality item! Take care, have a GREAT weekend and thanks for the email.
Heather Pendragon, Canada
Thank you Pat, and thanks for the tips. I love your product. You’ve solved a centuries-old problem, that I assume most people have when they get older. I also think the problem is exacerbated with more people getting Lasik procedures. We 40+ ers may not need glasses for most activities after Lasik, but reading labels, menus, etc. requires some help. I’ve tried the cards in the wallet, and various iterations of folding “Mr. Gadget” glasses, but the i4ulenses is light, durable, cheap enough to lose, and good enough to use. They are not metal, so airport detectors are no worries, and they can get wet or dirty without a crisis. Best of all they take virtually no space, so they can always be handy without competing for pocket space. Thanks for solving the problem! I ordered the extras so I always have one to give away to a friend! Sincerely,
Randy from Minnesota.
Hi, I just received my glasses in the mail from you today. They are absolutely fabulous. I have been losing and breaking my glasses for years and with these I can just stick them in my wallet or pocket and never worry about breaking them. These are a great investment at twice the price or more. Thanks so much.
Sincerely, P. MacElderry, TX
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your i4uLenses. I received a pair at Vision Expo in Las Vegas (Sept. 2005) and love them. I keep them in my wallet and they have come in handy many times. Yesterday, I was at the optometrist office getting my eyes checked and I showed them to the doctor. He liked them and is looking into getting them. I also have two coworkers that are interested in ordering. I know I want to get one of the magnifier sets. Thanks again for providing such a useful product. Sincerely,

G. Yerkes, San Diego, CA
My husband LOVES these glasses. We live in San Francisco but we are in NYC and traveling for the summer and he urgently needs another pair. Do you know where in NEW YORK CITY we can buy a new pair? He just loves them. Thank you.
Karin R., San Francisco, CA
I am very satisfied with your excellent product. I have had to reorder for the third time. Not because the glasses broke, they are practically indestructible, but because when I pull them out of my wallet and put them on the people around me want to have mine.
D. Bridges, Memphis, TN
I’m an avid golfer and need reading glasses. I used to carry a credit card size magnifier to keep my game score, but I had a hard time holding the magnifier with one hand, the pencil on the other hand and trying to hold the score card steady. Your lenses are outstanding! I perch the lenses on the tip of my nose and have both hands free to hold the pencil and the score card. I love your lenses.
Peter W. Medina, OH
I'm ordering these for a friend. Have mine for several months and just love them!
Beth M , Ellisville, MO
I am interested in ordering six more pairs up here in Canada - they've been a big hit with family/friends.
Peter H, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A friend of mine gave me a pair of your reading glasses and I'm a happy user ever since. A few days ago we took guests from Beijing China to a fancy Restaurant and I used your reading glasses to the surprise of everybody. Needless to tell you, then everybody had to use it.
P. Leuthold, Alameda, CA
Le doy nuevamente las gracias por el detalle de poder enviarmelas ya que este sistema de gafas son de una gran comodidad y utilidad. Un cordial saludo.
F. Ubet, Madrid, Spain
These little specs rock! I gave my old ones to someone who borrowed them and thought they were tres cool. I'm coming back for more!
C. Keating, Santa Cruz, CA
Hi Pat! I bought i4ulenses after reading the article in Rider... I love them. I will always have room for these glasses in my pocket. They are very convenient for reading a map or menu when I travel on the motorcycle. (I'll be glad to send you a picture of me reading the menu at Fat Boys Pork Palace, Brandywine, WV on an upcoming trip)
M. Dowdy, Lynchburg, VA
We were on a trip in our car to the east coast and one night we got lost. Luckily, I had a pair of 2.0 power i4ULENSES in the glove compartment and was able to read the map, under some very bad lightning conditions. I normally wear a very mild magnification of reading glasses, but I am glad I keep a pair of stronger i4ULENSES in my car. I'll never leave on another trip without them in my car.
J. Lansig, Chicago, IL
Every time we go out for dinner, somebody in our party needs to borrow my i4ULENSES to read the menu. What's so great about the i4ULENSES is they're extremely convenient and completely adjustable. Making it very easy for everyone to use them.
M. Lasky, Santa Cruz, CA
I would'nt think I would need them unless I did not have my regular glasses, and then, I wish I had a pair of i4ULENSES: now like the Boy Scouts, I'm prepared! - in other words, you need to buy these lenses before you need them, just in case! I was skeptical before trying them, but I really could read the instructions with them on and plan to keep a pair in my purse.
Wendy, Livingston,TX
I keep a pair of i4LENSES in the book I'm currently reading as a Bookmark: when ready to read, I find the page to start reading and then use them to read! I keep a pair in my wallet and one with a stronger power in my car.
Petro, Santa Cruz, CA
I keep the i4ulenses in a pouch on my bicycle to read maps. I love them - lightweight and they do the job. I'm sure they'll pull double duty in the drybag in my kayak, in the saddlebag on my horse, in the daypack I take hiking... well you get the picture. I'm telling all my adventure buddies. Thanks!!
Susan, Lakeport, CA